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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The Idolatory of God by Peter Rollins (A Review)


In contrast to the usual answers concerning the Good News of Christianity, Peter Rollins offers a radical and initially disturbing statement in his new book: you can't be satisfied; life is difficult; you don't know the secret. Peter argues that God has traditionally been thought of as a product that will make you whole, remove your suffering, and give you the answers. In contrast, Rollins outlines an understanding of faith that asks us to embrace suffering, face up to our unknowing, and fully accept the difficulties of existence. It is only as we embrace, affirm, and celebrate life in all of its highs and lows that we can find God. Not as that which will make everything better but as a loving presence that enables us to say yes in the bad times as well as the good. Rollinss radically different approach to Christianity includes living in a community that is ruled by love. Rather than maintaining that we are correct, we allow those who differ with us to judge us, and we examine ourselves through the other persons eyes. Whether listeners are devout believers or distant seekers, The Idolatry of God shows that we must lay down our certainties and honestly admit our doubts to identify with Jesus. Rollins purposely upsets fundamentalist certainty in order to open listeners up to a more loving, active manifestation of Christs love.

A thought-provoking book, which encourages Christians to consider their beliefs and how they show them in everyday life. Each chapter raises a series of linked questions about faith, which build on each other as the book goes on.
Overall I liked this book, although there were sections like I found a little too complex and slightly confusing

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