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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Fractured by Sarah Dalton (A Review)


In a fractured Britain, the Genetic Enhancement Ministry have taken control. Parents buy designer babies and those with genetic faults are labelled Blemished and shunned from society. 

Elena Darcey is just as perfect as the other clones, but there is something different about Elena, because she’s in trouble. After helping Area 14’s most famous criminals escape, Elena has to get out before her teacher-- the formidable Margaret Murgatroyd --finds out that she is a sympathiser for the Blemished. The perfect opportunity arises as a beauty pageant promises the winner a trip to London. Will Elena cope with the cut-throat world of a beauty pageant filled with sabotage, violence and betrayal? If she makes it to London, will she find the safe haven she craves? Does she discover more than she'd expected after meeting the mysterious Jake Bloom?

The Fractured is the first part of a spin off series based on The Blemished, which will focus on some of the secondary characters and their stories. Part one follows the life of Elena as she experiences a life changing event.

An interesting premise, decently written.
I enjoyed the character of Elena Darcy. She was relatively complex, trying to present herself in one way when she was really someone completely different. To some extent this complexity was also carried over to the other characters, although I think it might have been told more convincingly in first person.  
The Fractured world is one which many of us may recognise and dread that could come to  pass. As such the story was quite realistic. However, I felt as if the plot was missing something, as if I'd like to have got into the story earlier on. This may have been because its a spin-off story.
It was really interesting to see how London was different in this imagined world. I think this was my favourite part of the story, seeing how life worked out and experiencing someone else viewing it for the first time.
A good quick light-read, which would probably be even better if you've read The Blemished series already. 

If genetic enhancements were more widely available would you choose to have them?

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